Dedicated Gaming Server: 5 Things You Should Know

Dedicated gaming servers are the best options for gamers in search of seamless gaming experiences. It is incredibly useful to use the best gaming server. But what things you must consider to find a dedicated gaming server and how it improves the overall gaming experience?

In the changing gaming sector, the demand for dedicated gaming servers is increasing steadily. There are lots of reasons to choose a gaming server and one is an improved gaming experience. Hardcore gamers are particular about getting the best-graphic gaming without latency, uninterrupted, bandwidth, and connectivity problems.

The industry evolution means that they have to upgrade their hardware to enjoy the latest games the way they are intended to. It’s where gaming servers come into the spotlight. Most of the computing needs of gaming are handled with dedicated gaming servers. Gamers can enjoy the gaming experience without any hassle.

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5 Important Things to Look into a Dedicated Gaming Server

Are you looking to buy a dedicated server? Wondering what important things to look into while purchasing a dedicated gaming server? If so, there are a number of options to choose from. But it becomes essential for you to go with the best options from the vast options available.

Besides your needs and budget, there are a lot more things that you have to consider while choosing a dedicated gaming server. You need to look for specific features and functionalities to get the best gaming performance and value. Choosing the right server package with amazing features can help you enjoy great security and improved gaming performance.

DDoS Protection & Improved Service

When purchasing the dedicated server, you need to consider the DDoS protection standard. DDoS attacks are common on the internet and without appropriate protection, an attack can undoubtedly leave you facing a lot of downtime amounts, tarnished reputation, and loss of revenue.

DDoS protection should be a crucial part of the dedicated server package, you need to enjoy better performance along with security. You need to prevent downtime and element the DDoS attacks of 10 Gbps and more. You never know when you will face this unexpected problem. Run an obstacle while navigating the dedicated server or end up with a network issue.

Choose the dedicated gaming server that comes with 24*7 support and customer service. If you have any concerns or questions, you need to make sure that you get in touch with a professional team who can help you in all senses. Regardless of time and day, you need to ensure that the team helps you in the most effective manner.

Choosing the Right Operating System

Either Windows or Linux can be used to host the private gaming platform. Linux is the most popular as it uses lower resources and costs low. You do not have to worry about licensing as it’s an open-source platform, whereas you need licenses with Windows. Hence it’s common to have an increase in performance on Linux over Windows.

Linux enables users to include any useful functions they have added to the server like backup systems. With Linux, they can even run any issues through the useful debugging tool. You ought to search for specific games that are incompatible with Windows while Linux is widely supported.

Linux is used over Windows due to lots of reasons. However, Windows is still the most preferred option. For example, Global Offensive is often hosted on Windows as the installation process is quicker with plenty of online support.

Backups & Data Redundancy

Gaming requirements are changing over time and players need servers capable of adapting to the evolving requirements. An improved cloud provider can improve customizable server solutions. When you buy a dedicated gaming server, you have to know that it is one you can rely on in terms of overall security and uptime.

It’s where searching for a dedicated server with data redundancies for security is needed. Is it looking for possibilities that come with 100% uptime service-level power agreement, network, and cooling operations? You are required to know that the data center has been built to withstand any kind of disaster imaginably. Find the company that enables you to back up the server data, this helps to create more layers of protection for businesses or services.

Number of Players Using Gaming Server

The number of players playing the game determines the gaming server’s minimum system requirements. More connections to a server mean your dedicated gaming server has to process more data. Hence you need a server that processes more power and memory. This simply means the minimum hardware needs are going to be high for servers with more active players.

The number of players in the game depends on the game type they are playing. With a single-person game like Counter-Strike, players will not find more players. Whereas multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft have lots of players on the server.

While accommodating players’ amounts you need to allocate a great budget for the hardware price. If you are willing to boost the player base, you need to consider planning and have the right hardware, helping to element the constant migrations and upgrades.

System Administrator Support

If a dedicated gaming server idea seems to be complicated and time-consuming, you should manage dedicated server management and hosting. This simply means you have system administrator support.

You need to search for a company that provides Microsoft and Linux-certified system administrators to help you run everything smoothly as per your requirements. With unmanaged dedicated hosting, providers need some level of support for hardware-related problems as you are hosting in the data center.

Ending Note

Gamers are trying to get the best gaming experience for themselves. This is possible with dedicated gaming servers. Digiturunc provides amazing solutions including a highly secure and dedicated private cloud environment. Our Virtual cloud private server and packages help you get your gaming server.

Want to know more about the gaming server and pricing, please contact us today.

Cloud Hosting vs VPS Hosting: Which One is Right for You? | In-Depth Comparison

Finding the right hosting service for your website is really difficult, this becomes more complicated for those who haven’t gone through the process before. There are many hosting service providers who provide impressive uptime, a smooth experience, and tasty discounts.

In short, when it comes to different hosting service types it becomes intimidating and tedious to choose the right one. The price and features for each hosting type differ as well. Making the difference between Cloud and VPS hosting is quite a tricky process. If you want to know everything about Cloud Vs VPS hosting, have a quick look over the difference in this blog.

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What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is a web hosting service that utilizes server virtualization power. It ensures fast performance and high uptime for your website. It helps you with apps and websites available on the internet using the cloud. Unlike traditional hosting, this type of solution isn’t deployed on a single server.

Cloud hosting pools resources from physical as well as virtual servers, enabling greater flexibility and scalability to quickly make changes. There are lots of advantages that users get with this type of hosting service.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is reliable as your website is hosted virtually that takes the benefits of physical networks. It will reduce the cloud level resource.
This type of service is secure by physical servers that are protected from most third parties who want to access their interrupt or premises their services.
This hosting service is flexible, scalable, and extensible. It doesn’t have the constraints of a single server. You get resources according to your requests and in real-time.
While using Cloud hosting you need to pay for what you use.

Who Should Use Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is best for those who want to access the flexibility that the cloud offers to increase performance and meet surges in traffic.
A good option when your website traffic varies month-to-month like an eCommerce store with seasonal products, a media site with viral content, and more.
New companies and startups who are thinking of implementing growth strategies can prefer cloud hosting.

What Is VPS Hosting?

VPS is hosting that virtually mimics server environments within a shared server. It has become popular as it’s lower in cost than dedicated hosting it offers better security, performance, and reliability compared to shared hosting. Users get access to a server, providing them the freedom to install apps and make environmental changes.

A virtual Private Server is where one physical server has software installed on it that makes separate virtual environments. Every customer is assigned exclusive access to the virtual environments. The server resources are assigned to a virtual environment for exclusive use. There are lots of advantages to choosing VPS hosting for your website.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

VPS hosting provides complete freedom. This hosting server is free to manage, you have access to everything and you can install the software you require.
VPS hosting is efficient. You have resources and are isolated from other servers.
VPS is secure hosting. All files are inaccessible and private to other clients regardless of server rights.

Who Should Use VPS Hosting?
Virtual Private Server can be the right choice for website users who have outgrown their shared hosting plan.
It is a perfect choice for websites that need technical skills to set up a customized environment.
With website complexity, you will need more customization power.
It’s wise to choose VPS hosting when you have website traffic and know how much bandwidth you will need.
You have the software type your website requires and you expect to need access to a server to install and maintain it.
When you expect to run custom plugins and scripts on your website.
VPS provides great customization.

Cloud Vs VPN Hosting: How They Differ from Each Other?
When you are searching for reliable hosting for a website, it’s essential to know the Cloud Vs VPN hosting difference. It can save you from headaches and money and help you to decide which one is perfect to choose. First of all, decide what you need before making the choice. Remember one size doesn’t fit all.

Choosing the one that is not suitable for your specific needs ends up overpaying for the hosting service. Choosing a plan without sufficient resources might result in switching to a different host later. Have a quick look over the pros and cons and in-depth differences between Cloud Vs VPN hosting.

Pros of Cloud HostingPros of VPN Hosting
With VPN hosting, you have allocated resources.
Flexible Pricing
Get access to all of the settings.
Redundancy and rapid deployment
It’s scalable.
ReliabilityAble to customize the configuration.
Cons of Cloud HostingCons of VPN Hosting
Security aren’t guaranteedSingle points of failure.
Learning curveSecurity is not technically guaranteed.
You are still sharing a server.

Want to have in-depth insight into Cloud Vs VPN hosting right here? From performance to price and more helps you decide who is the winner. This helps you make better choices.

Performance (Winner: Cloud)

It’s an obvious factor to consider when choosing a web hosting plan. The website consistently loads fast and is online when people go looking for it. VPN plans tend to have high performance and guarantee a number of server resources. Your performance should not be affected by websites on the server.

If multiple websites on the server face high demands, the server hits up against its limits and performance suffers. People choose a VPS plan through unlikely scenarios. Cloud hosting promises impressive uptime as your website’s are divided between several servers. If one fails then usual backups are built into the system.

For purposes and intents, this is pretty close to a tie. With VPS plans there is a chance of the performance suffering due to higher demands on the server and risk goes out of the cloud hosting window.

Security (Winner: VPS)

You might have heard about website hacking, these consequences are big. Online security is a true concern. Web hosting is part of website security and a matter of concern. Virtual Private Server is secure, but it’s not secure as dedicated hosting. It beats out shared hosting.

The VPS operates on other sites sharing the physical server, keeping it protected from outside access. But there is a chance that poor security of another site could affect your own if you select a web hosting provider that does not treat security as a top concern.

A cloud hosting environment will be secure and separated from users on a physical server network. However, your host is entirely web-based, and this does make it vulnerable to attacks. Choosing a reputable web hosting provider, and security with types of plans should be solid. VPS plan inevitably provides little more security than a cloud one.

Price (It’s a Tie)

Cloud Vs VPS hosting is a step up in features and performance from a shared hosting plan. Thus, you expect to pay with the basic plan providers. Bost hosting servers cost less than dedicated servers. Both of these hosting service plans will fall in the middle price-wise between dedicated and shared hosting.

When it comes to choosing between cloud and VPS hosting, both cost you almost the same. The cost differs based on various details. You can choose to go with Digiturunc as it’s the best VPS & cloud hosting provider and powers millions of websites. You can choose an affordable pricing model as per your requirement and enjoy the hosting service at once.


There are a lot of things around Cloud Vs VPN hosting differences and which one to choose for your website. There are a few similarities and key differences that make a huge impact on the service’s cost-effectiveness, reliability, and scalability. Understanding what they are, how they differ from each other, and which is right to choose can help you figure out the perfect one for your website.