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Managed Vs. Unmanaged Dedicated Servers: Choosing the Right Level of Support

Managed Vs. Unmanaged Dedicated Servers: Choosing the Right Level of Support

When it comes to choosing from dedicated servers, there are two main options. These include:

1. Managed dedicated servers.

2. Unmanaged dedicated servers.

There is a debate about whether to purchase managed or unmanaged dedicated servers.

To make a better choice, you need to understand how each dedicated server differs and what they offer. Read the blog to find the difference between managed and unmanaged dedicated servers. Knowing the difference can help you know which best suits your requirement.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A single physical server can be termed a dedicated server. It is housed in an off-site data center that is dedicated to a single user. The servers are known for good storage speed, high-performing processing power features, and improved connection. A dedicated server is a right choice for businesses that require immense processing power.

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What is a Managed Server?

A managed server refers to a type of hosting service where the hosting provider or a dedicated team takes care of the management and maintenance tasks associated with the server. With a managed server, the hosting provider assumes responsibility for tasks such as server setup, security, monitoring, software updates, backups, and technical support.

Pros of Managed Servers

  • Great accessibility.
  • Anyone can use a managed dedicated server, as the hosting provider will manage and handle everything.
  • Provide opportunities for businesses to focus on their business.
  • A perfect option for those with no server managing knowledge.

Cons for Managed Servers

  • Expensive.
  • Users need to discuss everything with a managing entity before making any changes.

Benefits of Managed Dedicated Servers

Technical Expertise

There is always a technical expert who helps you with technical aspects and helps you focus on business.


An experienced technician is always there for you to support and solve all the technical issues whenever they arise.

What is an Unmanaged Server?

An unmanaged server is a hosting service where a hosting provider provides the server, but the customer is responsible for all aspects of server management and maintenance. With an unmanaged server, the hosting provider offers the hardware, network connectivity, and basic infrastructure. Still, the customer takes full responsibility for server setup, configuration, security, software updates, backups, and technical support.

Pros for Unmanaged Servers

  • Cheaper option.
  • Provide full control to users.
  • Easy customization and optimization for users.

Cons for Unmanaged Servers

  • Need more effort and time to be sustained.
  • Users need a great amount of server-managing knowledge.

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Benefits of Unmanaged Dedicated Servers

Great Control

The unmanaged server provides businesses with complete control and helps to configure it however they like, including software installation and more.


When you are looking for a less expensive dedicated server, unmanaged servers are the perfect choice to make. But managing servers’ responsibility belongs to you.


You can customize the unmanaged server as per your requirements. These customizations include operating system selection, control panel, etc. This can be beneficial for companies that provide unique products or services and require a specific infrastructure environment on which to operate it.

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Managed Vs Unmanaged Server: Difference to Look into!

Businesses can select between managed and unmanaged dedicated servers after comprising price, hosting plans, the flexibility provided, and more. Hence understanding the difference between managed and unmanaged dedicated servers can help you make a sound decision.

Server Management

When it comes to managed servers, hosting providers take care of everything. They even take care of managing servers. Whereas in the case of unmanaged servers companies need to take care of server management, this responsibility doesn’t fall into the company’s responsibility.


When you go with managed dedicated servers, you get full support. Business owners don’t have to focus on maintaining servers or other web server issues while opting for managed dedicated server options.

While you don’t get complete support when you choose the unmanaged dedicated server option. If you do not have a team to manage the server, it’s a wise choice to go with the managed server option.

Digiturunc has a fully managed dedicated server that provides increased performance, great security, higher reliability, and exclusive network resources. Our experienced technicians are certified and help you solve all issues at an optimal time.

Flexibility and Price

An unmanaged dedicated server is cheaper than a managed dedicated server. Besides, Unmanaged Dedicated gives you complete freedom to set up your website the way you want it. Whereas with managed solutions, there is someone from the hosting provider who takes care of everything.

Explore the table to have a quick look into the difference between managed and unmanaged dedicated servers.
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ParametersManaged Unmanaged
Freedom Less control as the technician manages everything.You get control of everything.
Price High priceLower cost
Your involvement    You don’t have to be involved at all. The company takes care of everything.     There are a lot of things that you need to do on a regular basis.
Your Responsibility  You’re not responsible for anything in terms of safety, backups, etc. As you pay, experts will do all.You’re only responsible for everything, from security to updates and more.

Ending Note

A managed dedicated server is a suitable choice if you prefer to delegate server management tasks to an experienced team, focus on your core business, and value convenience and support.

On the other hand, an unmanaged dedicated server is ideal if you have the technical expertise and resources to handle server administration independently, desire maximum control and customization, and prioritize cost savings. Consider your specific needs, technical capabilities, and budget to make an informed decision.

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