Colocation Services

Digi Turunc operting own datacenter in Istanbul with Bilingual onsite supports team and cooperating with other datacenters in European, USA, Asia so you can use our fanstatic colocation packages to grow up your business much more!

  • Free Backup Space
  • DDOS Protection
  • Web Console Access
  • Reboot Access
  • Shutdown/Power Off/Boot Access
  • Online BW Usage Graph
  • SSD Drive
  • Optional OS
  • DDOS ControlPanel
And more Feature you can see in each product page …

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual server is similar to physical server, but it has a lower price. In fact, in a virtual server, you will be provided with all the facilities of a specific (physical) server, but the difference is that you pay a lower price for that.

These two servers do not have any difference in terms of the structure and network. However, they are different in terms of the operating system you can install in them.

Yes, you can upgrade your purchased server plan at any time.

Vds is similar to a virtual server, except that the allocated hardware resources are quite specific and so, they have a higher quality and stability.